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My Location for Google Maps Comes to Desktop

Google Map My Location

Google has announced the My Location feature in Google Maps being available now on desktop or laptop computers. My Location allows user to find out their approximate location on the map as denoted by a blue dot. Check it out.

If you’ve used Google Maps for mobile, you’ll be familiar with My Location. With single click of a button, your approximate location is shown on the map with a blue circle. Wouldn’t it be great if that same feature was available in Google Maps on your desktop or laptop computer?

When you visit Google Maps with a supported web browser, you’ll see a new My Location button in the top left corner of the map. Simply click the button to center the map to your approximate location. If your location can be determined accurately enough, it’s shown with a blue circle, just like on Google Maps for Mobile. Click the button again to remove the blue circle, or to re-center the map after you’ve moved it away.

To obtain your location, Google Maps takes advantage of the W3C Geolocation API standard. The Geolocation API is a new feature available in the latest web browsers which allows any website to access your current location. If you use Internet Explorer, you might be familiar with My Location in Google Toolbar, which is able to provide your location in Google Maps, but this is limited to Internet Explorer. Using the new Geolocation API allows My Location to work in any browser that provides the feature. Currently, you can use My Location in Google Maps if you use Google Chrome, Firefox 3.5 or any other web browser with Gears installed. We hope to support other browsers soon too. You won’t see the My Location button on browsers that don’t support the feature.

Source: Google LatLong Blog

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