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Must watch: Moto X ads starring comedian T.J. Miller and throwing jabs at ‘lazy’ phones

It’s not a secret anymore that top-notch hardware and solid software support are not the only things that sell gadgets nowadays, with marketing and publicity playing a key role in convincing people to buy or pass a certain product.

Moto X

Luckily (for everyone that thinks the smartphone market will thrive on competition), it seems that Samsung and Apple are not the only big players that know how to spend money wisely on great ad campaigns… anymore.

Nokia has clearly upped its ante in the marketing department of late, HTC has the Iron Man himself to help boost profits, while Motorola may have just launched the all-time most hilarious tech commercials ever.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the “Lazy Phone” ads. Subtle yet sleazy and starring the great T.J. Miller (look him up), these completely knock down every competing handheld for the Moto X in less than three minutes, leaving us wanting moar.

But let’s get down to business and check out the first of three commercials, promoting Moto X’s “Touchless Control”.


Did I or did I not tell you it was going to be hilarious? And the best thing is Motorola doesn’t even have to resort to cheap shots and low blows (I’m looking at you, Samsung) to mock Apple. And Samsung. And anyone else in the business whose phones can’t be controlled with no hands.

The second ad brings another one of Moto X’s unique software features in the limelight, namely its “Active Display”. No idea how much the company paid T.J. Miller for playing the “lazy phone”, but even if it was that entire $500 million marketing budget, it paid off. Big time.


Both in that clip and the last one, which centers around how easy it is to capture a photo on the X (two twists of the wrists is all you need). Once again, Miller steals the show, not just with his Adonis-like physique (yeah, right), but also with his spiteful, vindictive attitude and all-around lethargy. Classic “lazy phone” behavior!


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