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Did you receive an iPhone for Christmas? Well, you are one lucky guy, or gal. If you just got an iPhone, then these are the first few apps you need to download to supercharge your Apple experience.

1. Motion Stills

Photography is a huge part of using the iPhone. If you are a trigger happy iPhone photographer, you should give Motion Still a shot. Whilst Apple’s Live Photos are decent, Google’s Motion Stills application are much better, turning your Live Photos into incredibly interesting and easily shareable GIFs.

2. Photoshop Fix

GIFs are fun, but if you are a serious photographer, editing your stills is perhaps more of a priority to you. Photoshop is the go-to editing programme for photographers, but you don’t need access to an expensive computer suite to start lighting up your shots. World-class retouching and restoration features can be easily made available for you on your iPhone with Photoshop Fix, it even has tools such as smooth, heal, liquefy and lighten for you.

3. SimpleNote

There are a plethora of notetaking apps available on the iPhone. In fact, there’s just so many it’s impossible for us to choose without trying them all. However, it might be in your best interest to select one that will integrate itself the most with the other apps you are using. Simplenote works well with many productivity apps like Dropbox and iCloud, and it’s stable and easy to use. If you are after a fuss-free note-taking app, give SimpleNote a go.

4. Khan Academy

Now that we are on the topic of taking notes, and by extension, learning, Khan Academy is probably the best app you can hope to find on this. If you want to be a science or math whiz, download Khan Academy. The topics are diverse and you can almost learn anything on it. Its interface is easy to use and watching videos whilst learning is fun. If you are on the go, just download the videos or quizzes for offline learning and you will be on your way to impressing your friends in no time.

5. Swiftkey

Well, since we are on the topic of productivity, you guys might want to try out Swiftkey, an app that makes typing a ton faster and more intelligent for you. Capable of recognising your commonly used words (even if they are not in the dictionary), typing can be a lot faster on your iPhone even if you have clumsy fingers since Swiftkey automatically suggest and corrects your typing as if it were reading your mind. Furthermore, if you are a fan of swipe-typing, you would most definitely enjoy Swiftkey’s accurate typing feature.

6. Netflix

Credits: Cult of Mac

Now that it’s time to chill, download Netflix to watch your favourite dramas on the go. The great part about Netflix now is that ever since its major update, Netflix now has an offline playback feature. This changes the entire ball game, so now all you’ve got to do is choose what you want to watch, spam your downloads (sorry if you have a 32GB iPhone, or worse, a 16GB one) and then enjoy them on your bus rides to work. Narcos on the way home? Yes, please.

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