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Multiple sources confirm fingerprint sensor for Samsung Galaxy Note III

And just like that, it’s September 4. D-Day. H-hour. The first day of the rest of our lives. But a day that’s bound to remain in Android history, not unlike September 3, when Google took the entire world by surprise and announced Android 4.4 KitKat.

Galaxy Note 3

But let’s forget about Big G’s delicious and now trademarked treats for one second. After all, Google can’t steal all of Samsung and Sony’s thunder, as hard as it might try. The Xperia Z1, which has essentially become an open book to us all moments ago, and the Galaxy Note III are to become official later today.

Though turned upside down by dozens of “tipsters” and “insiders” already, the Note III is not as transparent as the Z1. Not yet, albeit the pieces of the puzzle left out of place are decreasing in number by the hour.

The latest enigma to have been solved involves the fingerprint scanner that’s slowly but steadily becoming the next must-have feature for high-end smartphones. Pantech has been the first to intro a handheld with such a trait, HTC’s One Max will most definitely have one slapped on its back and now it’s nearly confirmed the Note III will follow suit.

Erm, okay, maybe not follow suit per se, as odds are Samsung’s “next big thing” will go up on store shelves before the other two.

Fingerprint recognition

But exactly how sure are we Note II’s follow-up will make use of fingerprint recognition technology? Very, since perennial leaker @evleaks has tweeted a hefty list of APKs (application package files), which includes a little something called “FingerprintService.apk”.

Plus, an anonymous “insider” (another one?) from an Indian Samsung R&D facility let the folks over at Temefy know the phablet will indeed come with a fingerprint sensor in tow, as well as a unique pre-loaded Dual User Mode that will take full advantage of it.

Sorry, Sammy, but your big secret is out. Not that the “Unpacked” event of later today is not worth checking out. After all, the Galaxy Gear and maybe even a Note 12.2 will be unveiled next to the Note III. Can you feel the excitement?

Sources: Temefy, Twitter

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