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iPhone 6s tipped to offer 4K video recording and selfie flash, Rose Gold option coming as well


The iPhone 6s will reportedly offer 4K video recording, selfie flash, a new Rose Gold color option, and renamed Force Touch.

According to the report published by 9To5Mac, the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will be the first iPhone models to offer 4K video recording. This feature had been rumored earlier but it wasn’t confirmed if the feature would make it to the final versions or not. The two will also be the first iPhones to come with a flash for the front FaceTime camera. Well, almost. Instead of a dedicated soft LED flash, Apple will use the display to light up the scene with a bright white screen when you tap the camera shutter button. The upgraded front-facing camera will also offer panorama shots and 720p slow-mo videos.

The website also claims the Rose Gold option will indeed be offered on the new iPhones. Rose Gold is said to be a ‘copper-like’ variation of the Gold color option that Apple offered on the 5s in 2013. It will appear similar to the two gold shades offered with the Apple Watch, but instead of 18-karat gold on the smartwatch, the iPhone will be made from anodized aluminum.

Finally, it is being reported that the Force Touch feature will be marketed with a different name on the iPhones. On the iPhone, the feature will allow users ‘short-cuts’ to iOS features rather than providing an additional menu overlay like on the Apple Watch.

The iPhone 6s duo will be unveiled by Apple on September 9th.

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