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MSI’s GX60 Gaming Laptop comes equipped with Radeon HD 7970M… and Trinity A10-4600M APU

Our ever vigilant counterparts at Chinese VR-Zone spotted a rather interesting gaming laptop SKU from MSI filled with AMD hardware – the GX60 is powered by a top of the line Radeon HD 7970M and a Trinity A10-4600M APU. Is it a marriage made in heaven?

Here at the Computex show halls, extinct dinosaurs and hidden nuggets often lurk behind the maze of products on display. It takes a good eye and sometimes coercion to seek them out.

MSI's GX60, the latest AMD Trinity SKU in its comprehensive line of gaming laptops, retains the same bulky 15.6 inch form factor, Steelseries keyboard and Dynaudio speakers as its illustrious predecessors (our review of the GT780R).

The processor is a quad-core AMD Trinity A10-4600M (lets get this clear – two Piledriver modules, four integer cores) and discreet graphics by the recently launched 28nm Radeon 7970M GDDR5 (again don't be fooled by the marketing – its closer to the desktop 7870 but with slower clocks). Presumably there is some kind of power saving graphics switching voodoo here as the integrated 7660G can only pair with equivalent VLIW-4 GPUs for hybrid CrossfireX (7970M is GCN).
For storage, we get a speedy 2 x 64GB Sandisk U100 SSD in RAID-0 for the system drive and a WD 500GB mechanical drive for secondary usages. MSI also put in a fancy Qualcomm Atheros Killer NIC chip for reduced networking latency during gaming sessions.
No word on the pricing or availability yet but we expect them to cost a bit less than the other Intel models in the lineup to be an attractive proposition.

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