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MSI’s cashback program returns, lets you save money on motherboard and video card combos

MSI cashback

MSI has renewed its cashback initiative, allowing gamers to save money when buying a video card and motherboard together.From now until the 29th of September, you can save as much as €60 when buying MSI hardware from official resellers.

Qualifying motherboard under the program include the following:


Z170A GAMING M9 ACK £ 21.00
Z170A GAMING M7 £ 21.00
Z170A GAMING M5 £ 21.00
Z170A-G45 GAMING £ 14.00
Z170A GAMING M3 £ 14.00
Z170A GAMING PRO £ 14.00
Z170A KRAIT GAMING £ 14.00
Z170 KRAIT GAMING £ 14.00
Z170I GAMING PRO AC £ 14.00
Z170A TOMAHAWK AC £ 7.00
Z170A TOMAHAWK £ 7.00
Z170M MORTAR £ 7.00


The latest Nvidia video cards, from the Titan X all the way to the GTX 960, are also included in the promotion:


NTITAN X 12GD5 £ 21.00
GTX 980Ti Lightning £ 21.00
GTX 980Ti GAMING 6G £ 21.00
GTX 980Ti 6GD5T OC £ 21.00
GTX 980 GAMING 4G £ 21.00
GTX 980 4GD5T OC £ 21.00
GTX 970 GAMING 100ME £ 14.00
GTX 970 GAMING 4G £ 14.00
GTX 970 4GD5T OC £ 14.00
GTX 960 GAMING 100ME £ 7.00
GTX 960 GAMING 4G £ 7.00
GTX 960 4GD5T OC £ 7.00
GTX 960 GAMING 2G £ 7.00
GTX 960 2GD5T OC £ 7.00


As you can see above, the amount of cashback received varies on the product in question. The cashback deal is valid to select countries in Europe, with more information available from the source link below.

Source: MSI, Via: TechPowerUp

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