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MSI Introduced GT729 Gaming Laptop


MSI has announced their latest GT729 gaming laptop that boasts impressive hardware specifications – Core™2 Duo processor, ATi Mobility Radeon HD 4850 graphics, up to 4GB DDR3 memory and 320 (or 500GB) hard disk.

The GT729 features the latest Intel® Centrino® 2 Processor Technology (Core™2 Duo processor and Intel® PM45 Express Chipset) to deliver the best gaming performance and unrivaled processor performance, stunning new HD capabilities, great wireless connectivity, and long battery life for full blu-ray movie playback.

It is also equipped with the latest DDR 3 System RAM to boost overall system power. And with MSI’s exclusive Turbo Drive Engine technology, while the MSI GT729 is in AC mode, you can simply press the turbo button above the keyboard to increase the speed of your CPU.

The GT729 sports an enormous 17-inch LCD screen for your viewing pleasure, achieve the ultimate realism experience whether you are playing games or watching a DVD. Equipped with the best and latest ATi Mobility Radeon HD 4850 3D Graphic Card (Build-in DDR3 1G VRAM), exclusive msi vivid image enhancement technology, GT729 can create the most astonishingly realistic audio and visual effects. Recognized and approved by the highest standards of Dolby® Theater Class 4.1 Channel Surround Sound Effect and Subwoofer, delivering a real-life listening enjoyment even further.

Keep saving power in mind, the msi GT729 selects the brand new ECO Engine, the outstanding and unique power saving function by msi Notebook, as the power management function to extend the battery running time while performing different tasks. Touch the ECO quick launch touch sensor repeatedly to switch among the 5 different modes – Gaming mode, Movie mode, Presentation mode, Office mode, and Turbo Battery mode while performing game applications, playing multimedia applications, performing presentation applications, dealing with office documentation tasks, or looking forward to minimizing the battery power consumption.

Other multimedia applications include: the latest E- SATA support, high-definition multimedia interface, 2.0 mega pixels webcam for better internet chatting, DTV receiver (optional) so you can watch television shows on demand. All these to help you with a total relaxed environment so you can regroup again for the challenges ahead. Furthermore, wireless functions for easy internet connections anywhere and anytime.

Source: MSI

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