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MSI Confidential Mainboard Exposed – XPower

Today the angels whispered in our ears that MSI is coming out with its third Big Bang mainboard. This time round, it’s called the XPower. Gigabyte has their iconic “333,” so MSI appears to be competing with an evil bath of sixes; 6 DDR3 slots, 6 Gb/s SATA, on a 7666 PCB.

MSI seems to be making up for lost time in recent days, particularly in the enthusiast market. The current Big Bang boards seem to be a hit amongst consumers today, so why not come out with another one, meaner, and with more features?

At the VR-Zone side of town, even tooth fairies communicate on the 2.4GHz consumer wireless protocol. No surprises that the angels brought us high resolution shots of the upcoming “confidential” board.

The cost of using tantalum capacitors have made them prohibitive in motherboard design. It looks like MSI is using a generous splattering of them on the new Big Bang XPower. Q1 in 2010, and it already looks like we’re supposed to spell “promising” with the “I” before the “M.”

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