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MSI Backpack PC giving mobile VR experience
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Mobile VR experience coming with MSI

MSI have teased a PC that comes in backpack form, fittingly called the MSI Backpack PC. Not many details have been announced as of yet and no full photos, but the product description on the MSI website focuses on giving users a chance to, “move around and enjoy VR with big movements and total immersion. No more worries about accidently unplugging the wires between the VR device and the platform.” This means a fully mobile VR experience with the processing power of a desktop.

With the exception of projects such as Samsung VR and Google cardboard, Virtual Reality (VR) headsets have been tethered experiences. You are limited in how far you can move by how long the cable of your VR headset is. However, this might soon change with the arrival of mobile computers designed to give users a mobile VR experience. MSI’s Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing Eric Kuo says on the MSI news page, “MSI goes above and beyond to present unprecedented gaming innovations.”

An initial report by The Verge points out that it isn’t clear how well this PC will sell, as games will have to be specially made to allow large movements by users; most current games have rather limited movement scope. However, considering that this is the second backpack PC being designed with the express idea of giving a mobile VR experience, there is potential for more immersive experiences in the near future.

The only specs currently available for the MSI Backpack PC are the use of a high-end Intel Core i7 and an NVIDIA GTX980, meaning that the initial model at least will not be making use of the GTX 1080. More details are expected to be unveiled at Computex next week in Taipei. Expect more specifications, photos and a price range to come your way soon.

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