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MSI announces new ultrathin netbook for the masses

Is the netbook in danger of getting replaced by the tablet? In all honesty, the likelihood of it happening some time in the future is there, but it would seem that the netbook is still safe for now. And with the demand for netbooks still going relatively strong, it would seem that MSI has deemed it fit to launch yet another notebook and capture a little more market share in the process of doing so.

Is the netbook in danger of going the way of the dodo? Several pundits and analysts might seem to think so, but it would seem that their eventual death is not about to take place any time soon, especially when the tablets of today still sport price tags which are large enough to warrant the purchase of a more powerful, full-sized notebook PC that supports the vast library of hardware available for the Windows software ecosystem.

Of course, there is no denying that technological advancements in hardware fabrication and design will mean that the prices of tablets will eventually drop given sufficient time. However, it is also clear that road warriors who desire a cheap yet highly mobile computing device are not about to surrender their handy netbooks for a 10-inch slate that does not come with a large-enough physical keyboard that is vital for for their productivity needs. And it appears that MSI is banking on this particular premise with its new netbook, the MSI Wind U160MX.

The fact that MSI is calling the U160MX a 'netbook; should be a clear giveaway as to what kind of hardware will come bundled with the device. True enough, a quick look at MSI's press release reveals that the U160MX is about as network-worthy as it can be: it sports 2GB of DDR3 memory, a 10-inch LED-backlit screen makes up the netbook's display, while processing power is provided by the not-so-impressive single-core Intel Atom N455 processor and onboard GMA 3150 GPU. 

However, it would seem that MSI is also bundling the netbook with various different features in order to distinguish it from the competition. Apparently, the U160MX will come standard with MSI's proprietary TDE Overclocking Engine to give the processor a speed boost needed for certain heavy usage situations, while its ECO energy-saving technology claims up to 8.5 hours of computing uptime on a single battery charge.

Unfortunately, as is the case with most MSI-related announcements, no release date and pricing details have been disclosed. Bummer. Oh well, at least they left the full list of hardware specifications behind for us:

Source: MSI

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