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MSI announced X-Slim X610 laptop; MT-V656 PMP spotted


Taiwanese manufacturer MSI is known for its mainboards, graphics cards and laptop products. But it seems the maker is also getting into the portable media player (PMP) market. According to sources, the 3-inch MT-V6456 PMP has been spotted in China, though we couldn’t find the news release for it. However, there is a release for their latest X-Slim X610 laptop.

Encased in a metal enclosure, the MT-V656 features a 3-inch screen purported to be capable of “HD video playback” with an undisclosed resolution.

If you thought the likes of Archos’ 606 reigned supreme for file support, the MT-V656 might have edged clear ahead of the pack. Included is support for (but not limited to) MP3, WMA, WAV, FLAC, APE, ACC, OGG, and M4A audio formats; support for MPEG-4, XviD, DivX, and WMV video formats.

The MT-V656 comes packed with additional features including an image viewer, TV-out, an FM radio, an e-book reader, digital voice recorder, games, and support for around 26 different languages.

Unfortunately, we have been unable to determine if the MT-V656 is touchscreen capable. Intended as a means to keep down cost, the player will be available in a lowly 4GB storage capacity; although, it is expandable with the accompanying card slot.

The player will retail for around 288 yuan (~US$42) though there’s no word on availability.

Source: imp3 via playerbites

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