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MSI announce auto DDR4 OC support on AMD Ryzen platform with A-XMP feature

MSI have announced support for automatic memory overclocking profiles on their full range of AM4 motherboards. While the popular XMP feature has been available on Intel platforms for many years, it is not natively supported on AMD platforms, so motherboard manufacturers are having to tweak their BIOS to allow XMP to work with AMD. The feature, called A-XMP allows users of virtually all popular overclocking memory to be automatically set to its rated timings and speeds with a single click. This means AMD buyers won’t have to buy special AMD optimized memory to get the best out of their rigs.



At the same time, MSI announced a slew of new motherboards including the striking looking B350 Tomahawk and B350M Mortar. Looks aside, these models carry MSI’s gaming features, promising low latency LAN and quality audio. Other announced models include X370 versions of their popular Krait and Gaming Pro models.



MSI did not announce the pricing of the new products, though with Ryzen 5 scheduled to be released on April 11th, its a good bet that these models will be available around then to accompany the new value oriented processors. This assumes that production can stabilize following reported shortages of AM4 motherboards in many markets around the world.

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