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Mozilla says no future plans for iOS until Apple plays fair

The vice president for the not-for-profit Mozilla organization recently said that there are no plans in the works to create a Firefox browser for iOS devices.  The announcement came by way of the SXSW Interactive conference

Mozilla’s Firefox, which is a very popular free and open source web browser, currently works with Linux, Microsoft Windows and OS X.  However, the one OS they will not be working with anytime soon will be Apple's iOS.  Mozilla pulled their Firefox web browser download from Apple’s App Store in September 2012 and said they will not be building a future version of Firefox for iOS. 

Recently, by way of the SXSW Conference, Vice President Jay Sullivan of Mozilla reiterated the company's stand with not creating an OS for Apple. Sullivan said that may change but not until Apple changes their marketing ways and make an even playing field.  Sullivan says that Apple’s marketing is very unfriendly to any type of third party browsers available for download. 

While the move to not produce a browser for Apple might seem like a bad idea, it would not get used very much even if they did. Apple currently prevents their users from making any other app other than Safari the default web browser, therefore the user would have to manually pull up Firefox every time they wanted to surf on their mobile device.  

Safari has a very large bite of the market on mobile devices at this time.  According to Akami Technologies in their "State of the Internet Report", it says that in the third quarter of 2012 Apple’s Mobile Safari held approximately 60% of all mobile browser usage across its networks just behind Android. 

If Firefox OS can catch on with more countries they could very well become a serious new player in the mobile device web browser wars.  Just last month Mozilla announced that as many as 18 Latin American carriers along with China and some European carriers were getting on board with the Firefox OS.  Also, some recent news says that Sony may soon be introducing a new line of handsets for the Indian market with the Firefox OS. 

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