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Mozilla Acquires Pocket

Mozilla gains the content recommendation system with its first strategic acquisition.

Mozilla announced yesterday via a blog post that they have acquired Pocket, a company which provides content recommendation and storage. The acquisition is part of an effort to expand Mozilla’s mobile presence and provide more tools for their users to discover and access new web content. Pocket will join Mozilla’s lineup alongside its Firefox browser, with their core team and technology helping to accelerate Mozilla’s overall Context Graph Initiative.

“We believe that the discovery and accessibility of high quality web content is key to keeping the internet healthy by fighting against the rising tide of centralization and walled gardens,” said Mozilla CEO Chris Beard, in a statement about the acquisition, “Pocket provides people with the tools they need to engage with and share content on their own terms, independent of hardware platform or content silo, for a safer, more empowered and independent online experience.”

Pocket is already a successful and unique “human-powered” content finding system and save-for-later service with ten million users on Android, iPhone and Web, and 3 billion saved pieces of content so far. They’ve been working closely with Mozilla over the past year, working and building on integration within their Firefox browser, and the cooperation between the two companies is what eventually lead to talks of Pocket joining Mozilla.

“We’ve really enjoyed partnering with Mozilla over the past year. We look forward to working more closely together to support the ongoing growth of Pocket and to create great new products that people love in support of our shared mission,” said Nate Weiner, CEO of Pocket.

As a result of the acquisition, Pocket is becoming wholly owned by the Mozilla Corporation, and the software will become part of the Mozilla open source project.

source: Mozilla

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