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Movie Review: Sharknado – Watch out for falling sharks

Check out the review of the movie which has taken the internet, more specifically Twitter, by storm.

Sharknado 2013 movie poster

Sharknado… Funny name, yet very innovative. You have to hand it to them, the team deserves a 10/10 for originality in terms of choosing a name by combining shark and tornado. The rest of the movie? Not so much.

What starts off as a typical scene from Bay Watch quickly turns into a Jaws scenario, only not so horrific. You almost begin laughing as you’ve seen all this in movies like Jaws a lot of times, and I mean a lot. Of course you’ll have surfers hitting the waters and of course a shark has to attack and take a chunk of meat of out them. Then a few more people gotta die at the beach before panic spreads and pandemonium ensues. What came next is what I wasn’t ready for.

I have to say, Thunder Levin, full points for creativity. I mean sharks flooding the streets, sharks from the drainage, SHARKS IN MY POOL are some scenarios that would have never come to my most horror-filled dreams in all of eternity. Without spoiling the story for you, I’ll just quickly outline the plot. The hero of the movie Fin goes to save his daughter, who lives in Beverly Hills with her mother and her new beau. They also happen to have a son who was secretly learning away at the aviation center, and thus becomes a crucial part of the stop-those-shark-spitting-tornados plan in which Nova throws home-made bombs (which I really don’t know how or when they built it) into the shark-spitting tornados… Which magically disappear when the bombs detonate.

Sharknado Movie Screens (4)

She’s just as dumbstruck as we are.

Along the journey, the folks lose the old guy to a shark and many others (including Fin’s ex-wife’s new beau and his best pal). Personally, I liked Nova the most because she seemed to be the only one with any balls, using her shotgun on sharks without any worry of all those animal activists. There’s a particular scene where Fin slices a flying shark (yeah, the shark was flying straight for his daughter) with a chainsaw clean, into two halves… Now we just need some wood, hot fire and dinner is served within the hour!

Overall, I’d say that you should definitely watch Sharknado if you have absolutely nothing else to do, if you’re absolutely sure none of your friends are calling you somewhere, if you’re absolutely sure your girlfriend is…Never mind. Point made. I won’t give the movie a score, the number I’m looking for doesn’t lie in the 1-10 scale (so now you have an idea of the score), but hey, I watched it and survived, give it a try but have -100% expectations. Perhaps then you might actually laugh at the should-have-been-terrorizing / horror-inducing scenes.


Release Date: July 11, 2013 (TV Premier)
Directed By: Anthony C. Ferrante
Written By: Thunder Levin

Sharknado Movie cast

Credit: IMDB

Sharknado Movie Screens

Sharknado Official Trailer


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