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Move over, S: Samsung reportedly working on super-premium ‘Project F’ smartphones

Samsung may seem like it has the entire mobile tech world at its feet, with essentially every bit and piece of the smartphone landscape dominated by at least one Galaxy family member, but apparently the sky’s the limit for the Koreans’ ambitions. Or not even the sky.


According to reports emerging from the Korean media, not only is Sammy actively pursuing the manufacturing of a flexible limited edition Galaxy Note 3 and full-metal Galaxy S5, but also an entirely new line of super-premium handhelds.

These will apparently go all in on specs and features, plus integrate every new technology Samsung has been working on of late, which will of course considerably up the pricing ante. More specifically, the “Project F” phones may come packing those mythical 64-bit octa-core Exynos processors, a whopping 4 GB of RAM and high-res cameras boasting optical image stabilization, all wrapped in smooth and sturdy aluminum casings.

As for the displays, they’ll likely take the resolution to the next level (QHD, WQXGA maybe) and be of the “Youm” variation we’ve been recently hearing so much of, meaning they’ll be virtually unbreakable and malleable. In terms of size though, Samsung is apparently not looking to go over 5.5 inches for starters, with the bottom frontier being 4.5.

Samsung Galaxy S4

All fine and dandy so far, albeit rumor has it the Galaxy Fs (or however they’ll end up being called) will be much pricier than even the Galaxy Note 3 and roll out in limited batches, as their production might prove a challenge.

Yet what I’m really worried about is how will “Project F”, if real, influence the Galaxy S and Note devices. They’ll surely continue the great legacy of the past few years, but will they be as heavily advertised as nowadays? And will they all of a sudden start being considered mid-rangers?

Bottom line, could such an abrupt brand dilution actually harm Samsung’s thriving business? Well, we should find out soon enough, as these F gizmos are tipped to see daylight come March 2014.

Sources: The Droid Guy, ET News

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