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Motorola wants to ‘change your relationship status’ on July 28… with new X and G

How would you like to fall head over heels with a third-generation ultra-high-end Moto X or customizable 2015 G edition?

Motorola July 28

In broad strokes, Lenovo’s upgrade plans for Motorola’s robust but perhaps not glamorous smartphone family have been an open book since quite a while back. We’re still unsure though of the number of new Motos and Droids in the pipeline, their target markets and audiences and the specifics of the unavoidable hardware overlaps.

Also, until earlier today, we had nothing precise and authoritative to report on the timetable front. Now, the announcement date for at least the Moto X and G renovations is pretty much set in stone, following press invitations sent for July 28 events in London, New York and Sao Paulo.

The invites include an annoyingly cryptic “your relationship status is about to change” tagline, as well as an XOX note that can be intriguingly read as “XGX”. X for Moto X third-gen, G for Moto G third-gen and another X for a Moto X Sport, we presume.

Moto X 2015

Alas, the webpage dedicated to the trio of global press gatherings completely lacks hints regarding the stars of the ceremonies, merely building up the mobile relationship propaganda by promising a return on the care and devotion offered to your precious Android day in and day out. Okay, say I’m ready for a “better relationship.” What am I supposed to tell the wife?

See, Motorola, two can play the absurd publicity game. Next time, just reveal the release date and back away slowly. You don’t want to interrupt the online hype bonanza, which ramps up with a new pic of a future Moto handheld’s patterned rear.

The photo’s source claims we’re looking at the 2015 5.2-inch Moto X, but based on a recent family portrait, we’d guess this is actually a new 5-inch or so Droid “Mini” headed for Verizon. Or maybe it’s that other, larger, more powerful Droid. The X Sport? Ah, let’s stop before we get a splitting headache.

After all, things should start to untangle in less than two weeks.

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