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Motorola unveils wearable computer

Motorola is has revealed a new computer that will soon go on sale, which is worn on the head like a helmet, and operated via voice commands.

Motorola has created a new computer which is worn on the head like a helmet. The Motorola HC1 as it is called, is attached with a cradle that fixes the computer to the wearers head. The computer itself curls around their neck. A small screen protrudes on the left side of the device and is positioned so the user can see it when glancing slightly down. Meanwhile, the right side of the device is occupied by a camera.

Controlling the computer is predominantly done via voice commands, which will allow the user to do several tasks, including accessing files and email, as well as viewing and zooming with the camera. It will also feature Bluetooth and wi-fi connectivity.

It's bulky, but Motorola's wearable computer is a very practical device


The main use for the HC1 will be in professions where on the fly information is vital, and where it is important to have your hands free. Paul Reed, product manager for mobile computing at Motorola explains further: "If you imagine somebody up, say, a telegraph pole at the very top, needing to rewire something, they don't really want to be fiddling with a laptop,". Other professions which may find use for the computer are warehouse workers who need to be aware of storage and stocking information; or paramedics, who could access medical records and stream video of the patient back to the hospital. A Nottingham based company is already developing an application for the device intended for use by paramedics.

Motorola is estimating the retail price of the HC1 to be around $3000-4000. With it's rather bulky design and expensive price tag, it's not exactly a consumer product. You'd be better off waiting for Google's take on the concept "Project Glass" instead. However, the Motorola HC1 is notable because it is not a prototype, as with many similar projects. It's due to go on sale in the new year.

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