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Motorola tackles the perfect selfie art with the Moto Selfie Stick

Too sweet to be true, the highly customizable smartphone accessory really isn’t… true, that is.

Moto Selfie Stick screen


Can we all agree, as a rule of thumb, April Fools’ Day pranks are childish and stupid, and people with little to no sense of humor should be legally banned from trying them? Meanwhile, on a seemingly unrelated note, selfie sticks are undoubtedly the worst thing that happened to tech since the invention of, well, the selfie. All agreed?

Fantastic, because every rule has an exception, and for every a thousand ill-conceived practical jokes and gags, there’s a Motorola. Not only is this device manufacturer responsible for probably the best Android Wear watch in the world, and hands down the greatest budget smartphones around.

They’re also the masters of April Fools’ tricks starting today. Meet the Moto Selfie Stick, the most hilarious gadget never to materialize. Described as a “branch of self-expression” and “an extension of who you are” by two outstanding actors deserving of Oscars for their performances in the below clip, the “premium” accessory is the complete opposite of the OnePlus DR-1 drone.

It’s a fantasy that won’t actually be sold, not even in “limited quantities”, but by God, it’d have been a must-buy in its ridiculousness. Crafted of prime wood or leather, it proves there’s “no such thing as too much quality when it comes to selfie sticks”, as a teary-eyed lumbersexual impersonator emotionally alleges.

“It’s like when the sun turns the rain into a rainbow”, or in the words of a tougher, more experienced craftsman, “an artist is only as good as his brush, and a selfie only as good as its stick”. Needless to emphasize this is as superlative as selfie sticks will ever come.

Someone give Motorola their own comedy show!

Source: The Official Motorola Blog

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