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Motorola starts selling Moto G stateside and in UK for as little as $180

As if pricing the Moto G like no other smartphone close to its caliber wasn’t enough to prove Motorola means business, the Google-owned company has revised the 4.5-incher’s initially announced US release timeline, putting it up for grabs already.


Remember, the G was only said to land stateside in January, following rollouts all over Europe, Asia and Latin America. But that wouldn’t have been fair on tech-savvy Americans, not to mention it’d have been bad for Moto’s business since the US continues to be the place where many Android players make the big bucks.

Technically, the Moto G can’t actually be had in the USA today, tomorrow or the next day, as mere pre-orders are live at this time. Yet the promise of a January launch will still be broken, with shipping set to start December 2.

I say let it be broken, though beware, the version on sale on Motorola’s official website is GSM-enabled, not CDMA. The 8 GB-er costs $179, as promised, whereas the model packing double the storage and no microSD card slot is 20 bucks more.


On the other side of the pond, Brits are even more fortunate from one point of view – availability – and a tad less fortunate in terms of pricing. That’s because the 8 GB Moto G can be scored through a heap of online retailers and should ship earlier than in America while costing between $30 and $60 extra.

The best deal you UK-based blokes can make is via Phones 4U, charging $210 (£129.95) SIM-free and unlocked, with Clove at the opposite end of the spectrum, courtesy of a much more prohibitive $240 (£148.80) price tag.

Moto G price

According to Motorola, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Germany, France and Canada have also arrived early at Moto G’s launch party, with an additional 25 countries or so being fashionably late, but still expected “by early 2014”.

That’s also when Verizon should debut its CDMA Moto G, albeit Big Red reportedly plans to offer the handheld exclusively with prepaid plans. Probably for the best, right?

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