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Motorola Says it Would Have Caught Samsung Note 7’s Flaw Earlier

Last year, Samsung’s phablet flagship. the Note 7 caught fire, resulting in its recall and scrapping, which forced many of its rivals to start looking into their own manufacturing processes. Nevertheless, one firm, Motorola said firmly that its processes in place are already robust enough.

When asked whether or not his company altered their work process after the Note 7 issue surfaced, Motorola’s Russ Gyenes replied firmly, “Absolutely not.” Russ Gyenes,  is an engineer who specialises in batteries for the firm.

Even though Samsung has managed to reclaim its reputation, emerging from the shadows with the ever powerful and spectacular Samsung Galaxy S8, we are still worried about battery issues ever since. Safety measures have never been treated more seriously. Samsung has implemented an 8-point battery check which it openly shared with the rest of the industry in hopes of raising standards everywhere.

Gyenes smirked at the eight-point check, he said, “Why weren’t they doing it before?”

Gyenes said that Motorola, which is now under Lenovo, would have managed to identify issues with the Note 7 batteries earlier because they stringently look at the process from the individual cell construction level, even well before the batteries are produced in bulk. It further goes on to perform checks on supplier X-ray processes, auditing them with 118 questions which are mandatory for its battery manufacturer partner to pass. A single mistake will lead to he process being deemed as a failure.


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