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Motorola releasing a variety of Droid RAZR phones on Verizon this year

Motorola has been working hard lately at re-branding their company before the release of their hotly anticipated flagship phone(s) for 2013. If this leak is true, it looks like not everything will be completely new.


It’s no secret that Motorola has been going through some changes as of late. As Google begins to show their influence more and more it seemed like Motorola was about to leave their past behind.  Especially considering all the boasting they’ve been doing about their upcoming Moto X smartphone.

If a recent tweet from evleaks is any accurate, it looks like they aren’t completely leaving their past behind. Motorola’s main staple to date has been their Droid line of phones for Verizon. This is a trend that looks like it will be continuing this year as well, despite the release of the Moto X, which as of now I would say isn’t a definite for a Verizon.


In addition to what you see in the tweet above, sources have confirmed to Droid-Life that there will also be a Droid Ultra Maxx. If I were the guessing type I would say that the RAZR M Ultra will be their smaller device, the Droid RAZR Ultra will be their standard smartphone, and the Droid RAZR Ultra Maxx will be their slightly bulkier version with a hefty battery inside.

It shouldn’t be too long now before Motorola makes all their upcoming smartphones official, but it looks they are planning quite a bit.

Source: evleaks, Droid-Life

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