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Motorola paves the way for Verizon Droid line reboot, but what exactly is in store?

Widely expected to bring forth Moto X and G sequels in addition to commercially launch the Moto 360 at last, Motorola could also take the wraps off fresh installments in the Verizon-exclusive Droid smartphone series later today.

Motorola Droid lineup 2013

Taking in all the product announcements of IFA 2014’s inaugural day might be no easy feat, but you’ll have to get up to speed quickly, as day two of Berlin’s celebrated consumer electronics trade show promises to be just as packed and exciting.

And then there are the key tech players that, while choosing to give IFA the cold shoulder, have set up shop elsewhere to unveil new, competitive gear for Germany’s intros. Like Motorola, who lives, breathes and bleeds American (until Lenovo closes its purchase, that is), and so can’t even conceive leaving the States for one day.

It’s going to be mighty hard to juggle with Berlin and Chicago press conferences later today, on September 4, yet the latter event may well steal the combined thunder of HTC, Microsoft, Lenovo and Huawei’s disclosures.

Yes, Nokia Microsoft probably has a selfie expert and PureView beast in the pipeline. And HTC is likely paving the way for its wearable debut. But nothing can beat the appeal of the highly customizable, leather-backed Moto X+1, uber-affordable G2 and, surprise, surprise, battery powerhouse Droid Maxx 2014.

Motorola September 4

Right now, a follow-up for last year’s 3,500 mAh cell-equipped Maxx seems but a wild guess. Only as is tradition, the @DroidLanding Twitter feed has been reactivated, clearly teasing an eventful day for the Droid family.

The so far Verizon-restricted army has last recruited soldiers in July 2013. Three of them. The Droid Maxx, which needs no introduction, the compact Droid Mini and upper mid-range 5-inch Droid Ultra. Could all of them be due for sequels? Perhaps, albeit the Mini never caught on, so it may as well be nixed.

Heck, we’re not that fond of the Ultra either, so all we want for Christmas September 4 is a new Maxx. With, say, a 4,000 mAh+ juicer. And although it feels like a stretch, we can’t help but dream of a white Christmas global, widely released Motorola-branded battery champion. It’d be the perfect swan song for the OEM before becoming Lenovo property.

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