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Though the Moto X has only been around for, what, a few weeks now and AT&T is the only carrier to offer it in a fully customizable outfit, it’s probably not too early to call it a flop. Okay, semi-flop. A sleeper hit at the very best.


After all, 100,000 weekly shipments (shipments, mind you, not sales) is a low number by any standards. Yet something tells me Moto’s future will be characterized by greatness. One way or another, this decade or the next, Google will bring the company’s mojo back.

But what if smartphones are not the solution to Big G’s Motorola conundrum? And what if the company’s saving grace will be… a tablet? Sounds like a stretch, I know, but Denis Woodside, Motorola Mobility’s CEO starting this May, has confirmed to Engadget that a slate is “something we are working on”.

Unfortunately, Woodside has added “there’s nothing specific to talk about right now”, which could well mean this secretive Motorola tab (or tabs) is (or are) still a long way from completion. Probably only in the concept stage for now and nothing more.


Or maybe not. You wouldn’t expect the guy to give it all up so early, would you? Besides, my guess is he already spilled a little too much inside information.

More so as the folks over at Engadget seem to be very convinced, I presume based on tips and whatnot, that when the Moto Tablet X (just a supposed name, chill) will arrive, it will do so with plenty of color choices and personalization options, just like its distant and tiny cousin.

Now, what I think the entire world would like to know is whether Moto is pondering a reentry in the 10-inch niche (remember the Xoom?) or an absolute debut in the 7-inch sector. Also, is there any chance the third-gen Nexus 7 will be a 100% Google concoction? Oh, how useful a crystal ball would be right about now.

Source: Engadget

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