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Motorola introduces MOTOSURF A3100 in Singapore

Motorola MOTOSURF A3100

Today, Motorola announces their new MOTOSURF A3100 touchscreen smart phone in Singapore which is designed for both work and entertainment and help you to stay connected. Check it out.

Motorola has announced the availability of the MOTOSURF™ A3100 in Singapore which claims to make it easier to manage your life, whenever and wherever you want. The new, intuitive and customizable touchscreen smart phone provides seamless, easy access to the information you need to always stay connected, such as Internet content, contacts and calendars – all with just the touch of a finger.

The touch tablet’s customizable home screen is layered on top of the Windows Mobile 6.1 software and offers up a huge range of applications that can all be accessed with the tip of your finger, a stylus, or using the built-in omni-directional trackball.

You can choose to personalize your selection of icons on the A3100’s home screen to show whatever you need – updates on local weather, RSS feeds, news, personal and work e-mails, or messaging and calendar events. 
Whether toggling back and forth between documents while on the go, listening to mp3s, video conferencing on the run, updating your Facebook status or using aGPS to navigate from point A to B, MOTOSURF A3100 puts every aspect of your life, personal and professional, just a touch away.
Key Features
Begs to be Touched: Navigate your content by simply touching or swiping your finger across the vibrant touch screen, or use the omni-directional trackball. Use the digital keypad to communicate quickly and easily with the embedded stylus.
Take Control: Take control of your mobile world – it’s easy with Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional for fast and familiar access to personal and corporate email, documents and PC-like browsing with Internet Explorer/Opera. Never miss a beat with advanced features such as video conferencing and aGPS for finding places on the go.
When You Need It All, Right Now: Everything on the MOTOSURF A3100 is faster with reliable 3G speed. Connecting with HSDPA, HSUPA and Wi-Fi makes data transfer fast and simple.
Get Personal: With the customizable icon-based home screen, obtain access to continuous “live” updates of RSS feeds, weather, email, news and calendar events, delivered right to your fingertips. Connect with friends and update your status with one-touch access to Facebook.
Brilliant and Beautiful: The vibrant, 2.8-inch full-touch display provides one-touch access to the people, information and conversations that matter most to you.
Multi-Media On-The-Go: Set your tempo to music with Windows Media Player enabling you to transfer music, videos and images from a PC with ease. Watch streaming video anytime, anywhere with YouTube.

Motorola Singapore also offers four extra applications to all MOTOSURF A3100 owners: SongID™, MOTONAV Destinator, ShoZu™ and a game from Electronic Arts, SPORE™. These are uploaded on a 1GB MicroSD card so that it can be conveniently and quickly installed on the device.
SongID1 is a great feature that recognizes and displays tune information. Users only need to point the phone at the source of a nice tune and at the simple click of a button, the phone analyses and displays the song title, artist and even the album art. 
MOTONAV Destinator ensures that you always find your way around in Singapore. It will show you how to get to your desired location or to any points of interest around you. These can be restaurants, shopping malls, bars, clubs and more. You name it, MOTONAV Destinator will take you there.
ShoZu allows you to easily share the photos you’ve captured on your mobile phone with your chosen online networks. When you use ShoZu you can send photos and videos to over 50 websites including social networking sites, blogs, photo and news sites and you can send to email addresses.
MOTOSURF A3100 will be available immediately at all M1 and Starhub outlets in Singapore for a recommended retail price of SGD638.

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