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Motorola Droid Ultra caught on camera again, this time in black

Motorola’s soon to be revealed smartphones are finally opening up to us, one by one, courtesy of unofficial “leaks” with a very high degree of credibility. There’s the Moto X, which is essentially as transparent as glass already, plus the Droid Ultra, Droid Maxx and Mini.

Droid Ultra

Those three new Droid family members all hold secrets for now, but things are unraveling rather fast, especially as far as the Ultra is concerned. Spotted on Motorola’s website not long ago, the phone made a quick stop at the FCC last week and starred in a snazzy pic just 24 hours back in a delicious white flavor.

Now it’s time to have a quick look-see at the black Ultra as well, captured on camera by the infamous and always reliable @evleaks. The handheld shows off both its front and backside in this new photo and we have to hand it to Motorola – they still got it.

There’s a retro feel about the device that I for one find refreshing in today’s mobile décor, but at the same time there are enough design elements to set this apart from old Droid models. The bezels are crazy slim, Verizon’s fugly logos are absent from the front (phew!) and the behind is covered in carbon fiber and Kevlar, which give it an industrial, sturdy look.

True, I wouldn’t exactly call this a charming phone, but it breathes reliability and power through all its pores. Plus, if you want elegance and cuteness, you might find it in the red version, tipped to go on sale at the same time as the white and black variants.

As far as specs go, the only detail set in stone appears to be a 10 MP rear camera with RGBC sensor, whatever the hell that means. We have a few “educated” guesses via @evleaks too, which paint the picture of a top-notch high-ender (5-inch Full HD screen, Snapdragon 800 CPU, 2 GB of RAM), but, in lack of official confirmation, they should be filed under unfounded speculation.

Fret not however, because chances are everything shall be revealed in the next 48 hours or so.

Via [The Unlockr]

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