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Motorola confirms prices for upcoming Xoom tablet

Motorola may have been teasing us with details about their upcoming Xoom tablet for quite some time already, but as all teases go, the company has remained steadfast in refusing to disclose the key detail everybody is waiting for: the size of its pricetag. Fortunately, it appears that the secrecy surrounding that piece to the puzzle has finally been broken thanks to an official announcement from the American telecommunications company.

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When it comes to teasing consumers and partners with new products, OEMs often love to employ a certain tactic. They will release just about every single bit of information that most consumers will not be interested in knowing, while intentionally holding back key details such as a release date or more importantly, the suggested retail price of the product in an attempt to drum up some hype over an unreleased product.

Needless to say, that strategy is often successful in achieving its intended purpose. And since most people tend to abide by a popular saying that one should not attempt to fix or change anything that is not broken, it should come as no surprise that Motorola also attempted the same strategy with its Xoom tablet. After almost a month after Motorola confirmed the existence of its Xoom tablet,  American telecommunications company has finally announced what appears to be the finalized price tags for both the full and WiFi-only versions of its Xoom tablet. Cue dramatic cash register 'cha-ching' sound in…just about now.

According to a report by Reuters, Motorola claims that the Xoom will be headed over to Verizon Wireless first, where it will be attached with a pricetag of US$799 for users who do not wish to purchase the tablet with a data plan from the US carrier. The WiFi-only version has a slightly thinner pricetag of US$600

Both numbers were confirmed to be the official prices of the Xoom tablets by Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha, who claimed that the company had selected the aforementioned price points to compete against the likes of Apple in the tablet space.

"Competing with Apple, you have to deliver premium products," he said.

And premium products typically tend to come bundled with equally premium pricetags, don't they? 

Source: Reuters

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