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Motorola Accompli 388C / A388C Review

The sequel to one of the world’s first PDA phone – Motorola Accompli, the Motorola Accompli 388C (A388C) is a mobile phone embedded with PDA functions. Be prepared, as Motorola is now ready to join in the PDA/Phone market and this is a really exciting phone.

The Triple Band Motorola Accompli 388C (or A388C as its commonly known) is the successor to the popular Accompli 008 and a color-upgrade for the older Motorola Accompli 388 (A388). Featuring the same clam-style case phone, it combines the features of a PDA and phone in one.

This review (consisting of a whooping number photos and screenshots) will be covering the China version of the A388C, which has a dual language feature. The motorola A388C is slated to be launched soon in China, Asia and then to Europe before the USA.

Motorola’s reputation as a one of the few top mobile phone maker is not unfound for. The A388C’s phone features being of topnotched will not be reviewed much in detail. This review will concentrate more on the PDA and Accompli features


  • DragonBall Vz 66MHz processor
  • GPRS (1U/3D)
  • Large Display: QVGA 65 K color touchscreen, TFT
  • WAP 1.2.1/Openwave 5.0 microbrowser
  • J2ME
  • Email clients (POP3, IMAP4, MIME, SMTP)
  • EMS 4.0 with Canned and group, messaging
  • SMS scheduler
  • Handwriting recognition
  • Voice memo
  • Games
  • IrDA, RS232 and OTA connectivity
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