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Motor Magazine’s carry bag charges mobile devices on the go via solar power

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A new innovative piece of kit has come from the last place you’d expect it. Just how well does it charge your phone though? Click on the article to find out!

Motor Magazine Ltd, like their name suggests, publishes magazines about motor vehicles. While it’s not odd that they would offer a bag made for motorcyclists, the innovation that goes into the bag is the interesting part. Their new bag “Halos” has just been released on the company’s web store, and it’s no ordinary bag.

Priced at 31,290~47,040 Yen, the Halos bag conveniently charges up your phone while you carry it around. Not only that, but it does it via SOLAR POWER!

That’s right, a solar panel actually wraps around the front of the bag, meaning that when you’re riding around in the hot sun it will actually be charging up any device you have inside it. And if you happen to go out a lot at night, there’s also an optional battery available that gives you the same functionality sans the dependency on our large hot friend in the sky. It has a capacity of 2,000mAh and is ‘card sized’, which is probably really small.

That’s not all either. The bag comes in a total of 7 different variations, and you can choose from a shoulder bag, camera bag, backpack, messenger bag, etc. Apparently each bag is handmade by experts too; this is no shoddy Chinese knock-off.

Taking a closer look at one of the bags, the dimensions of the shoulder bag (size L) are 380x200x330mm, and it has a weight of 1,130g. It carries a 2W output solar panel.

Source: Kaden Watch

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