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Moto X confirmed for UK, France and Germany, off-contract prices start at $590

Available as a US exclusive since August 2013, Motorola’s customizable Moto X smartphone is at last making its way to Europe.


Or at least parts of the old continent, as so far we only have three countries confirmed to get the Android KitKat-running 4.7-incher: UK, France and Germany. The first wave of European launches is scheduled for early next month, however Moto Maker is not spreading its wings outside the US until April. And that’s the best case scenario.

So no funky color combos for anyone but Americans right now, no personalized engravings and certainly no optional bamboo backing. Instead, you’ll have to settle for overpriced, bland Moto X versions in “Woven White” or “Woven Black”.

How overpriced? Let’s just say it’s probably cheaper to board a plane headed stateside, score the Moto X on American shores and return to UK than get it from a nearby store outright. Not exactly, but close enough. Phones 4U, Carphone Warehouse, O2, Amazon and Techdata are among the British retailers ready to sell the X, starting at roughly $625 (£380) with no contractual obligations in a 16 GB flavor.


On-contract, the 4G-enabled handheld will set you back $40 (£25 a month) and up, while the 32 GB model is yet to be detailed value-wise.

Meanwhile, the MSRP in France is close to $590 (EUR 429) outright, with SFR exclusively rolling out the Moto X on January 31, followed by a bundle of other retailers and carriers on February 14. Finally, things are hazy on German shores, where no ETA and pricing structure have been announced, though odds are ze Germans will pretty much follow France’s suit in both departments.

Remember, Motorola currently sells the X for $399.99 no strings attached in its homeland, allowing basic customization (colors, accents, signatures and so on) for that dough. Bottom line, as much as you may be used to be taken advantage of in Europe, there’s no excuse for picking the X over the Moto G and splash $600 of cash instead of a measly $230.

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