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Moto DVX tipped for 2013 launch with $250 price tag, 6.3-inch Xplay and Droid Quantum landing in 2014

With the Moto X bombing early at the box-office (no one’s made sales numbers official yet, but it’s crystal clear the thing is anything but a hit), the newly owned Google company needs a miracle worker in order to get back on track financial-wise.


Like a Nexus, only rumors of Motorola building the N4 follow-up turned out to be fabrications. Or maybe a spanking new Droid tablet, though let’s face it, Android slates, with a few noteworthy exceptions, are still striving to make an impact.

Then how about a 6.3-inch phablet? That would certainly see Moto quite drastically push the envelope for once, albeit again, we’re not sure the niche they’re targeting is big enough to boost profits for the company as a whole.

But an Xplay (that’s the alleged moniker of the 6.3-incher) is definitely worth a shot, more so as the nickname seems to hint at a gaming-oriented beast. And God knows us hardcore gamers are craving for more gizmos focused on our needs.

Unfortunately, the tipster that’s got the scoop on the Xplay knows nothing about specs, features and whatnot, also claiming to have it on good authority the 6.3-incher won’t land this year. Bummer.

Moto DVX

Yet if we’re on the subject of Motorola’s distant future, let’s not forget to mention the Droid Ultra sequel is rumored to be in the works already, being apparently codenamed Droid Quantum. Again, we’re extremely light on specifics, so let’s not even go there.

And let’s instead look closer in the future, as Moto is closing in on the commercial launch of the anticipated budget-friendly Moto X flavor. Dubbed DVX and spotted at the FCC not long ago, the mid-ranger is said to sport a 4.5-inch LCD panel (hopefully with 720p resolution) and cost between $200 and $250 off-contract.

Sounds lucrative enough, only we still don’t know how low is Motorola planning to go in the hardware department compared with the X. Will the DVX pack the same custom-made X8 CPU? At least 1 gig of RAM? 8 or 16 GB of storage? 1,800, maybe 2,000 mAh battery? All essential questions in need of answers…

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