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Motion Sickness concerns will not affect VR sales says Survey

A recent survey by marketing group B/HI and research supplier Listen research shows a high intent to purchase VR headsets. The survey took the responses of 300 gamers who play both console and PC for at least five hours a week. The most interesting find of the survey shows that whilst motion sickness is a concern, it isn’t a deterrence.

Survey responses: Intent to Purchase

Out of the 300 respondents, 74% intend to buy a VR device, and 60% would like to receive one as a gift. Console players surprisingly are slightly more interested in buying a VR device (75% to 73%). More importantly, 66% of respondents plan to get a VR device within the next three months, before the main holiday season.

Consumers are interested in buying a VR device for more than just gaming, although it is the main reason (62%). Movies (55%), sports (49%) and music (47%) all factor into potential VR experiences that gamers would buy a headset for. Younger gamers (24 and younger according to the survey) are more likely to use VR for gaming than their older peers. For gaming genres, RPG and Fighting games hold the most interest for VR experiences.

Survey responses: concerns of buyers

Concerns relating to VR experiences are there (71% of respondents had them), but do not necessarily affect consumer interest. The greatest concern is cost, with 61% of gamers saying so. 42% have concerns about how they would look using the device, which is more than germ transferal (41%) and motion sickness (39%). However, of those who have concerns about motion sickness, 71% would still buy a VR device for either themselves or a friend.

source: gameup24.wordpress.com
source: gameup24.wordpress.com

For gamers, the high cost of VR headsets is more of a concern than potential health issues. The survey showed that over half of those interested in getting a headset anticipate spending less than $500 on the headset. Only the PSVR is less than that amount at $400, but for those who don’t have a PS4 and the corresponding camera that is still a significant investment.

source: gamespot.com

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