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More than a million AMD Fusion chips shipped



AMD's Fusion chips have been heatedly debated recently. The promise of higher performance with less heat, less power consumption and lower cost seems to have proven itself true, with AMD shipping over a million of these chips in less than six months of the product entering consumer markets.

Promising low power consumption, low heat emissions and increased performance, AMD's Zacate and Ontario chips based on the Fusion platform have been selling like hotcakes. The Fusion chip is basically a core processor as well as a graphics processor combined on a single die. Also called APU, or Accelerated Processing Unit, these Fusion chips have been delivering as promised.

The HP dm1z equipped with the first of these APU chips was recently tested and the results were astounding. The Zacate platform for netbooks easily outperforms Intel's dual-core Atom chips, and is hot on the heels of Intel Atom + nVidia ION based netbooks. Furthermore, these chips consume less power, and as a result develop less heat than their Intel and nVidia counterparts.

Combine desirable characteristics with a low cost price, and the answer is clear. Manufacturers are snapping up these chips at an alarming rate. As of current, the only Fusion-powered netbook available locally is the Sony VAIO Y series. However, the number of Fusion-based notebooks is poised to increase steadily in the near future, as the Intel Atom-based netbooks begin to phase out.

The Fusion platform was announced a long time ago, but it was only recently that the chips were showcased and later went on retail. With such effort and time spent on innovating, it is no wonder that the results produced from these chips are nothing short of stellar. Such a technological advance shows that the future of mobile gaming need not mean large laptops with loud fans, high heat output, and the inability to run on battery-powered sources for more than an hour.

Source: KitGuru

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