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More of the same? Sony Xperia Z4 gets benchmarked with FHD screen, 20 MP cam

Also, 3 GB RAM and, as the only compelling upgrade observable at a first glance, an octa-core Snapdragon 810 CPU.

Sony Xperia Z3

Between financial difficulties inherently leading to mobile division auction speculation and a controversial software support strategy, it goes without saying Sony has bigger things to worry about than Xperia Z3’s (not so) imminent extinction.

After all, the Full HD, Snapdragon 801 flagship might not be a match for Samsung’s Quad HD Galaxy S6 or HTC’s S810 One M9, but by God, it’s still a respectable high-end device. It’s got a proficient 20.7 MP main photographic unit, plentiful 3 GB RAM and, well, a construction that seems antiquated next to the innovative S6 Edge albeit it at least handles water immersions with grace.

Bottom line, we can understand why the Japanese don’t want to update their spearheads “for the sake of it” anymore. The thing is they talk the talk, but apparently fail hard at the walk the walk part of their promise.

Sony Xperia Z4 benchmark

An unannounced Xperia phone going by the E6553 model number just paid GFX Bench a short visit, and according to the benchmark database, it did so with, you guessed it, a 5.1 (or 5.2) inch 1,080p screen, 3 GB RAM and 20 MP rear-facing camera.

Any chance this is actually a regional Z3 variant of sorts, not a Z4, and therefore Sony isn’t technically breaking its pledge? None whatsoever, given the Z3’s alias is D6653. Notice the letter jump and almost identical digit combination? Typical “upgrade” behavior.

Besides, Sony does tweak something under Xperia Z3’s hood to come up with the “E6553”. Say hello to a 64-bit octa-core Snapdragon 810 processor. Oh, and the selfie-centric front cam is enhanced from 2.2 to 5 megapixels. Finally, native storage could start at 32 gigs at last, which hopefully doesn’t mean microSD support is no more.

But what happened to the rumored Quad HD, aka 2,560 x 1,440, display? And yes, we realize 4 GB memory would probably be overkill, but we’d rather have that than this familiar, boring do-over.

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