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More iPhone 6s rumors: 2GB RAM and Apple SIM said to be on-board

The rumor mill is slowly picking up steam for the next iPhone. 


A new flagship iPhone in 2015 is a surefire guarantee, and we’ve seen a few rumors regarding the same in the last month or so. Things like an upgraded Touch ID fingerprint sensor, Apple’s Force Touch technology and an 8MP camera have all been hinted at by various sources, and we now have a new rumor that pegs the iPhone 6s (or whatever the next iPhone is called) as having 2GB of RAM and the new Apple SIM that debuted on the iPad 2.

Apple moved to 2GB of RAM on the latest 9.7-inch iPad, and with the iPhone stuck at 1GB of RAM for quite a long time now, it’s entirely plausible the Cupertino giant will move to double the RAM this year, especially as iOS becomes more and more flexible. As for the Apple SIM, that’s also a possibility if only for convenience purposes. The Apple SIM allows consumers to switch between carriers without fiddling with a SIM slot and manually replacing the SIM card, though it would be a surprising thing to see carriers get on-board with the feature on what is sure to be the best-selling device later this year.

There’s still around half a year left to go before a new iPhone will go official, so a lot could change in the meantime. Apple is no doubt content with how well the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are doing, and that could lead the company to not be so vigilant in controlling leaks, which means the rumor mill could be churning like crazy in the months to come.

Source: Apple Insider

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