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More images of HTC’s Bliss smartphone show up online

Remember the stories we had ran about HTC's upcoming ladies-centric Bliss smartphone for the ladies? Well, it seems like the trickle of information about that particular smartphone is not about to run dry any time soon, and the latest piece of news seems to confirm that fact, for some decent-looking (i.e, non-Blurrycam) images of the Bliss have finally appeared online, courtesy of XDA.cn.

We have posted two stories about HTC's upcoming Bliss smartphone for the ladies, but to date, not once had we been able to provide a proper image of the smartphone, if only because HTC appeared to be extremely determined in keeping the smartphone tightly under wraps until its eventual release. However, the good news is that consumers who have been wanting to get a good look at the Bliss need not wait any longer, for XDA.cn has just published a handful of Bliss images that are of rather decent quality.

Once again, little is known about the HTC Bliss's specifications, although XDA.cn is claiming that the smartphone will ship with version 3.5 of the HTC Sense UI, and that its design bears a great deal of similarity to HTC's Desire S smartphone. In fact, XDA.cn has also confirmed that the Bliss's screen size is identical to that of the Desire S. Nice.

Source: XDA.cn

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