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More details coming out about Windows “Blue”

While Microsoft may not be overly happy with the less than enthusiastic response to Windows 8 that hasn't stopped from getting ready for the next version that is going by the codename 'Blue'.

Even though we are still some ways away from being able to get our hands on what is being referred to as 'Windows Blue', it hasn't stopped some of the people working on the project from sending out some teasers much like the person posting on a Taiwanese forum; which the other members of the forum have identifies as being a Microsoft official.

This person apparently is running an alpha version of this next iteration of Windows and has indicated that the company will be keeping the much maligned Start Menu as well as the overall Metro design. However, one of the tidbits is that we will be able to customize the Start Screen with resizable tiles, much like Windows Phone 8.

For those hoping that the company would step away from hiding the desktop you may commence whining now as the poster said that the "Desktop" will still be there but will undergo even more flattening.

The final tidbit was that the new "Blue" version of Windows will be getting an updated kernel which is supposed to bring some major changes to the core of the OS.

One should point out that "Blue" is still rumor bait as there has been no "official" word about it or what we can expect from it.

via Neowin 

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