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More Android manufacturers and carriers send out Stagefright patches

Following Google, which predictably mended the security of its Nexus devices first, Samsung and Motorola are working around the clock to remove vulnerabilities from their most popular phones.


Even though Moto takes the time to highlight no incidents of hackers exploiting the Stagefright bug to infect Android gadgets with malware have been reported, the news of said security glitch left the world aghast.

How could Google ignore such a basic and potentially harmful software flaw? It seemed nearly unforgivable, until the search giant found an ingenious way to use the bad publicity to its advantage. A new monthly update program was born from controversy and concerns, with Samsung and LG quick to adhere to the constant repair plan.

Alphabet’s subsidiary already started the rehabilitation process on the Nexus 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10 and Nexus Player, while Samsung managed to very swiftly deliver a slew of patches to US carriers. Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon all did their part as expeditiously as expected, and now, the Galaxy Note 4, Note Edge, S6 and S5 across the nation come with a solid promise of system stability.


Next up, Motorola will dispatch updates containing the fix to the first and second-gen Moto X, X Pro, Maxx/Turbo, all G and E variants, the Droid Turbo, Ultra, Mini and Maxx. Also, the recently unveiled Moto X Style and Play should have the overhaul integrated into their OS builds upon launch.

Like Samsung, Moto needs to rely on “carrier partners” to actually supply security improvements in timely fashion to end users, which fortunately doesn’t appear to be a problem. Everyone’s aware of the situation’s gravity, and as it turns out, networks can leave their proprietary optimization and bloatification aside when the going gets tough.

Your move, LG, HTC, Sony and, well, all the dozens of Android device manufacturers with relatively recent products under your belts.

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