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Monster security patch coming from Microsoft

Patch Tuesday is that time when Microsoft pushes out any updates that are needed for your installed version of Windows and related software. Typically these are security patches and aren't overly newsworthy, however, this one that is coming our way is quite the monster.

Anyone who uses Windows as their primary operating system will be quite familiar with Patch Tuesday. That is the day that Microsoft pushes out via Windows Update any software updates and security patches needed by the OS.

For the most part these are pretty minor security patches, but then every once in a while they push out a monster update; and the one coming our way this next Patch Tuesday is one of those monsters.

Part of this update will be security patches for every single version of Internet Explorer – from IE 6 right through to IE 10; which is the latest version of their browser. Apparently, this is to address a security hole that leaves users open to being exploited through drive-by attacks. These are the attacks that happen when you visit a webpage that can cause your browser to silently download and install malware.

According to Microsoft's advisory for this upcoming Patch Tuesday, five of the twelve security patches are rated as "critical", but the total number of security flaws that will be fixed by this update is a jaw-dropping 57.

Microsoft will be offering a free webcast on February 13th that is meant to address some of the questions and concerns people might have about the updates; which you can register for here.

via Sophos Security Blog

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