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Mobile Wireless Charging Could Take A Big Leap

While much has to be said for the convenience wireless charging has afforded us, current standards don’t offer much apart from the ability to avoid plugging in your device. That in and of itself isn’t much of a hassle, unless you lack opposable thumbs (sincere apologies if you, in fact, do: ’tis merely an illustration). At this juncture, most manufacturers, including the rebellious iPhone, have adopted the Qi wireless charging standard. Enter Energous.

Users of mobile devices currently wireless charging enabled (almost all flagship devices at this point) would be quick to admit that having to keep your phone within inches of the charging pad is a hassle in and of itself, along with slower than normal charging speeds. While wireless charging has improved by leaps and bounds, especially with wireless quick charging, proximity seems to be its greatest limiting factor. That is where Energous comes in, a US startup responsible for WattUp, a system that consists of a wireless charger and receiver with a range of up to 15 feet. Energous has received US FCC approval, meaning the technology is a lot closer to being in your next device.

While it had debuted in CES 2015, WattUp has yet to see a consumer iteration, which is assuredly in the works. If current wireless technology is a good gauge, it had seen implementation as early as 2012, but has taken five years to achieve widespread adoption.

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