MNML iPhone XR Case

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  • Good looks
  • Good fit


  • Limited protection

Not too long ago I purchased the MNML case for my iPhone XR in hopes of finding the true ‘naked case’. With the iPhone XR’s stunning design and beautiful colours, it would be a terrible pity to cover it up, so this was my choice for a robust yet clear case to show off the device.

What I look for in a phone case is one – the feeling that it’s not there and two – that it looks good and doesn’t hide the design of the phone. And lastly, the case should offer at least decent protection against drops. Most of the time with phone covers you face either the route of commonplace (but not as slick) protector cases, or you could get a really cool (but not very protective) skin. The problem is you can only have one or the other. What I’m wondering is if the MNML case could be the answer to this dilemma.


Image: mnmlcase

With a thickness of a mere 0.35mm, this case is probably one of the thinnest there is out there. The thinness of the case makes it feel like there isn’t any case at all, and leave the phone’s hardware buttons protruding, which also mean that the case doesn’t hinder the way you physically interact with the phone. Not bulky in the very least, the MNML case also isn’t slippery – but neither does it offer a good grip.

Designed with a minimalist look in mind, there are only a handful of monotone colour options with different finishes to choose from such as Matte Black and Frost White. I got the case in Frost White for my white iPhone XR and it really does look great. Most people who bought the iPhone XR had a specific colour in mind when they bought it, and when you slap a regular opaque case on the phone it seems like the colour really doesn’t matter at all. The frost white case imitates the look of translucent frosted glass. So while it’s not completely opaque it’s not just a regular old transparent case either. Something else to set it apart from clear cases is the fact that this frosted finish prevents any fingerprints and sweat marks from getting on to it which I think is the main problem with clear cases.

Image: mnmlcase


What everyone wants to know about thin and stylish cases is if they can withstand falls and just general damage to the exterior of the phone. While I haven’t dropped my phone since I got the case, I must say that I sincerely doubt I’ll be getting any more scratches by accidentally swinging my phone into furniture (yes this happens a lot) If you’re worried about your protruding, precarious rear camera, don’t. MNML has a raised bump all around the camera to provide extra protection for that vital spot.

Though it may prevent scratches and minor damage, it should be noted that the MNML case doesn’t extend to the front – leaving the curved edges of my iPhone’s display exposed. This could spell a little bit of disaster if the phone is dropped in the right (wrong) angle. However, with a tempered glass protector applied, along with the case raising the whole perimeter and area of the phone, I’m really not concerned about this. What you should be worried about is if you have really violent drops on hard, uneven ground. The case and your precious phone might not fare too well after a drop like that.

Conclusion and Availability

Overall, I think if you’re like me and you want a lightweight, simple case that offers decent protection. The MNML case might just be the one for you. However, if you’re more of the type that wants insurance for your phone this probably isn’t the case for you. Personally, I’m thrilled with my case and I think the iPhone’s original colour and design really flushes in well with the case. The MNML case is available for most of the major brands and models of phones including Apple, Samsung, Google Pixel and more. It’s priced currently at USD 14.99 and available on their website.

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