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MMORPG ‘Rift’ from Trion Worlds is moving to Free-To-Play

Popular MMORPG 'Rift' from Trion Worlds will be transitioning to the free-to-play model on June 12th, the same day they have planned a major content update.

The trend towards free-to-play gaming continues for massively multiplayer online games with the announcement that ‘Rift’, a MMORPG from Trion Worlds will be receiving a major content update on June 12, the same day it will become free to play.

This notes a significant change for the game which just last year reported that it had earned $100 million in revenue from the approximately 1 million people who have played the game. Although it’s true that they already made some of their content free to play last year, they are now opening the entire game to those players.

Of course, there will be an in-game store where you can pay real money to unlock different features to make your experience a better one. They’ve also assured customers that those who bought the game and are veteran players will not lose anything during the transition. A few of the things that will be restricted can be seen in the image below. You'll fit in a certain category depending on what, if anything, you purchased.

This is just another game in a line that continues to reinforce the idea of free-to-play gaming, and shows that it is here to stay.  It seems to be the preferred model among players of these types of games, and we expect to see more of them as the years go on, especially considering the news that Sony and Microsoft are pushing heavily for this style of gaming, with Sony even admitting to working on one themselves.

Source: Rift website Via: Gamasutra

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