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Mind can control body temperature

In a scientific first, it has been proven that the mind is capable enough to control it's own body temperature consciously, through the practice of certain types of meditation.

Maria Kozhevnikov has lead a team of researchers from the Department of Psychology at the National University of Singapore to demonstrate that it is possible to consciously control the body’s core temperature. The feat can be achieved through g-tummo meditation, which may also boost immunity and help fight infectious diseases and immunodeficiency.

Studies have been done on g-tummo earlier and indicated a rise in peripheral temperature, such as in fingers or legs, but this is the first time the core temperature has been affected. The meditative technique is very rare, but is practiced by monasteries in Tibet. It focuses on controlling your inner energy and is considered one of the most sacred practices in the region.


Calm your mind and repeat after me: "I am totally hot."


The research team conducted their study on nuns, who raised their body temperatures while being wrapped in wet cloth in -25C weather. By using electroencephalography (EEC), they were able to measure a rise in body temperature to 38.3C, an astounding feat considering that being wet in such cold weather would likely kill an average person.


The amazing findings can be utilized by non-practitioners as well, and may lead to an increased capacity for the average person to survive in extreme environments. The key components of the technique are in two parts: First, so called Vase breathing is a heat inducing breathing technique which causes thermo genesis. Perhaps easier though, is the second part, which involves visualizing flames dancing along your spine. This is said to reduce your heat loss

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