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Microsoft’s Windows Phone App Studio lets anyone create and publish apps

Do you have a great idea for a mobile app but lack the relevant coding skills to make that app? Well, meet Microsoft’s Windows Phone App Studio, which will let you create a Windows Phone app from the web without any knowledge of code.


With Windows Phone’s app and developer ecosystem lagging behind Android and iOS, the App Studio is a nice and simple way of promoting development by allowing quick and easy creation of apps to everyone, developer or not. You can create an app by applying text, web content, imagery, and design concepts to any one of a rich set of customizable templates, then test that app on your device after unlocking it and registering it for app development.

To publish an app you’ll still have to pay the annual Dev Center registration fee, and Redmond has launched a limited offer that will let you register for just $19 as part of a ‘Summer Break’ program that will last till August 26. You’ll be able to unlock up to 3 phones and upload up to 10 apps on each, and should you run into issues (which many probably will), you can talk to support reps directly through the new live chat service.


The App Studio is a great way to let people try their hands at app development without learning any coding languages, while giving Microsoft a chance to somewhat increase the number of apps in the Windows Phone app store. Even if most apps created through the service don’t get published, it will give users a chance to create apps for personal use on their phones.

App Studio is in beta right now, but feel free to hit up the source link and get started on making your first app. Don’t forget to show off that app to your friends, just don’t tell them how you made it.

Via: Windows Phone Blog | Source: WP App Studio

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