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Microsoft’s Project Spartan browser christened ‘Microsoft Edge’


Microsoft introduced its latest web browser today at the Microsoft Build developer conference. Earlier known by its internal code name ‘Project Spartan’, the web browser has been named Microsoft Edge.

The Microsoft Edge browser will be the default browser on Windows 10 when the latest operating system goes on sale later this year. The final version of the browser has pretty much the same appearance as the ‘Project Spartan’, with a minimalist and elegant user-interface.

One of the major highlights of Microsoft Edge will be the fact that it comes with Microsoft’s Cortana voice assistant built-in. Apart from Cortana, the browser will also offer other interesting features such as built-in note taking and sharing, and uses the new EdgeHTML proprietary rendering engine. Microsoft also plans to made it easier for developers to port various extensions from rival browsers such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. This is all Microsoft revealed about the new browser today. We do expect that the company will reveal more information about the Microsoft Edge browser in the next few days.

Source: Anandtech

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