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Microsoft’s Phil Spencer confirms that Xbox One indies won’t have a RAM limit

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Ever since Microsoft announced that Xbox One users will be able to create and publish their own indie titles, the rumor mill has been quite busy with suppositions regarding the limitations of the resources available for indie development.

One of the more common rumors centers around a possible 3GB RAM limitation for indie developers. In a recent Tweet, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer has confirmed that indies won’t have a RAM limit and that developers will have “access to [the] full pool of resources available”:

Spencer also divulged a few more tidbits aimed at the Xbox One’s indie marketplace, which will most likely feature a “Most Popular” section via an interface that’s somewhat similar to the Xbox 360’s current Xbox LIVE Indie Games Marketplace.

Spencer did also say that there are “more details to come” on the subject, so hopefully we’ll hear more positive news on how these games are promoted…especially since in their current state they are often overlooked–even though XBLIG’s are featured via their very own niche on the marketplace.

Although Microsoft originally wanted to reveal their plans for Xbox One indies at this year’s Gamescom, the news is quite welcome to many and it will be interesting to see what new creations that are introduced on the Xbox One’s indie marketplace after the console is launched.

We’ll likely hear more about the exact development tools and resources that will be available to indie devs at Gamescom, along with other big Xbox One news. Microsoft will most likely want to take advantage of Europe’s most prestigious gaming event to announce and showcase new features for their console–and maybe even another policy change or two.

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