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Microsoft’s Dual-Screen Surface Neo Reimagines The Laptop

Alongside the monumental Surface Duo, Microsoft has also announced the Microsoft Surface Neo. A dual-screened, Intel-powered laptop, the Surface Neo will run the new Windows 10 X but will only be available holiday 2020.

The Surface Neo with keyboard detached. Image: Microsoft

With two 9-inch displays, the Surface Neo weighs 655g (1.4 lbs) and is 5.6mm thick, utilising one of the thinnest LCD panels ever made. Each half of the device swivels on 360-degree hinges that accommodate more than 60 microcoaxial cables running between the displays.

While a twin-display form factor will allow a plethora of use cases, Microsoft will extend it further with a separate keyboard that can be flipped onto the lower, flat display flush downwards to provide additional space above the keyboard for more elements, or upwards to summon a touchpad.

The keyboard of the Surface Neo pushed upward to reveal a virtual touchpad. Image: Microsoft

The keyboard will be wirelessly charged while on the screen, and will be able to be used as a Bluetooth keyboard to take full advantage of the 13.1-inch combined screen size of the device.

Stylus compatibility is also supported, but both the keyboard and active pen will not be bundled with the Surface Neo when it ships next year.

The Surface Neo also supports active pen input, displayed here with the keyboard pulled down. Image: Microsoft

Asus announced the prototype Project Precog dual-screen device at Computex 2018 at Taipei, alongside several industry giants who have attempted some sort of multi-display implementation. Asus, again, led the pack with the ZenBook Pro Duo which packed top-notch specs with a half-sized secondary 4K display situated right above the keyboard.

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