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Microsoft’s Cortana may integrate into home automation systems

Microsoft’s acquisition of R2 Studios points towards integration into future versions of Windows and home automation systems.


Microsoft says Cortana will have the ability to learn and adapt over time as it utilises the same machine-learning technology that is at the heart of Bing. Called Satori, this technology finds context and relationships between entities.

As such, Cortana will be a key service in future versions of Windows Phone, Windows and the Xbox One operating systems. Outgoing CEO Steve Ballmer made references to the service in his July re-organization memo, where he stated that Microsoft will be working on “a family of devices powered by a service-enabled shell.”

The latest Cortana rumors indicate that the service will integrate with home automation systems, and the rumor makes sense considering Microsoft’s acquisition of R2 Studios, which holds several patents on home automation. It is likely that this technology will be inculcated in future builds of Windows.

It is also likely that you will be able to control various facets of your home, like the room temperature, through your phone, tablet, Windows machine and even the Xbox One by issuing voice commands.

It has been mentioned that Cortana will have an always-enabled feature, similar to the one seen on the Moto X. Motorola used a low-energy contextual awareness processor for the feature to work, so it will be interesting to see how Microsoft will tackle the issue on Windows Phone devices.

Cortana will be making its debut on Windows Phone 8.1, which will be released in 2014.

Source: Microsoft-News

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