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Microsoft’s changing stance on a smaller Surface

Whether or not the Microsoft Surface will be a success is still open to debate, but there is a growing feeling that the Redmond company is going to bring a smaller version of the Surface to market at some point this year.

When Microsoft launched the Surface almost a year ago, they said that they were not interested in doing a smaller 7-inch version, which was backed up by the limitations that they placed on OEMs that wanted to use Windows 8 on their own tablets. The company said, at the time, that they didn't believe that the smaller screens would allow users to both consume and create content. However, the growth of the mini-tablet market–thanks to both Android and Apple–may have forced Microsoft to re-evaluate that position.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that, according to reliable sources, Microsoft is developing a new lineup of its Surface tablets, and this time they are going to be including a 7-inch version. In contrast to the company's previous stance against the smaller screen size, the WSJ is suggesting that  the popularity of the 7-inch Nexus and the iPad Mini has caused Microsoft to reconsider their position.

Also along the line of display sizes, Microsoft is expected to add 1080p support to its Windows Phone 8 platform in the near future to take full advantage of the increasing availability of larger and crisper displays.

To date Microsoft's foray into the tablet market hasn't proven to be a roaring success as the company's marketshare hasn't budged very far, but this is something that they are obviously hoping to change by allowing Windows 8 to be usable on a smaller tablet form factor.

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